Donation Reports from MuchLoved

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MuchLoved’s award winning Funeral Notice & Donations platform provides UK funeral directors with a complete service.

Developed and enhanced over more than a decade in partnership with bereaved families, charities and funeral organisations, MuchLoved is your complete Funeral Notice, Tribute, Donations & Reviews service.

The award-winning platform is totally customisable as part of your website through simple integration, creating both a fantastic service for your families and the best possible branding and search optimisation benefits for your company.

Being able to download a report of all donations collected is just one of many benefits of the service. The reports, easily created, literally at the touch of a button can be sent to the next of kin giving them a clear list of all donations received.


An example PDF Report of Donation


The downloadable reports also serve as a great tool to send to charities alongside any cheque received, giving them a full and clear picture of all the donations receiving in that persons memory.

For more information on our service or to take up the opportunity of trying it out free of charge for 3 months, please get in touch or call 01494 722818.