Fred Hamer Funeral Services sponsor Rossendale Hospice’s Tribute Fund Service

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Rossendale Hospice in Lancashire were looking to develop their In-Memory Giving proposition to provide a special way for their supporters to remember a loved one and support the hospice. Rossendale chose MuchLoved’s bespoke Tribute Fund platform as it was a perfect fit for their needs and would offer all of the functionality they wanted in order to support bereaved families. Fred Hamer Funeral Services, a large local funeral director, already had a close relationship with the hospice, and they decided to support them by covering the cost of the tribute service.

Alison Whittaker-Stewart from Rossendale Hospice said: “Fred Hamer have been enormously generous in providing sponsorship of our Tribute Fund scheme. It’s been a great success, our supporters have been really responsive and it’s helped us to build an even closer relationship with Dawn Winfield and the team from Fred Hamer. We’d highly recommend such a partnership”.

Dawn Winfield from Fred Hamer said “We were only too happy to support Rossendale hospice in this way.  We’ve been using MuchLoved’s funeral notice & donation processing service for some time now. The results have been fantastic, we’ve seen an increase in donations, we’re getting more traffic than ever to our website and our families are really benefiting from the additional bereavement the service offers. Having Rossendale using the same service, makes the transition of information on donations collected really smooth as everything is transfer over automatically to them via their online Partner Area.”

If you’re interested in building such a relationship and want to take advantages of a special discount for supporting a local hospice please get in touch with

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