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In partnership with our funeral organisations, MuchLoved’s award-winning platform has been developed and enhanced over more than a decade and offers a number of significant advantages including …

  • We integrate fully into your website, so that your families can view funeral details and make donations without ever leaving your website pages – which keeps you in total control of the style and display of information and benefits your Search Engine Ranking.
  • MuchLoved is a registered charity and does not have to make profit for shareholders. We are therefore able to process all donations and gift aid at a very low cost to your donors – in fact it’s much lower at just 3.2% (most others are 5%+).
  • We also offer you an independent Reviews service which again totally integrates into your website – It’s not a link to a third-party site or a funeral comparison site. 

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A recent article by Gerry King of Funeral Directors Websites, confirmed:

“Website visitor statistics tell us that funeral announcements are the most searched for and the most visited content on a funeral director website. Google Analytics data tells us that Funeral Announcements are consistently the most frequented page on websites that make them available. Across our websites Funeral Announcements are consistently the top performers with even the least visited Announcements page on one of the lower traffic sites (75 unique visitors per month) ahead of the next most visited page (Contact) of the busiest website.’

If you’d like more information, please get in touch – email or call the office on 01494 722818.