Your improved MuchLoved Functionality


New improved and simple to use,  your personalised, real-time management and donation reports, provide you with all the details of donations received through your Funeral Notice Service.

Just a reminder, with the new functionality update we launched in May, you have a great couple of extra reporting benefits, giving you real-time information on all donation activity.

Donations Contact

An improved function in order to help ensure that charities can send the Next of Kin a much appreciated ‘thank you’, is a ‘Donations Contact’ field option as part of the Funeral Donations set-up.

Donations & Charities - Email 3










Next of Kin details are optional to add in but, please note, that this information can only be used by the recipient charities to confirm receipt of any donations and not for any other marketing purposes.

Don’t forget your new Charity Payments Report …

You also have a new ‘Charity Payments Report’ in your Tribute Settings, showing you exactly when payments were transferred to the charity. This means you will always know the answer if your client asks you to confirm whether the charity has received the donations yet.

Funeral Collection - new

… and finally your extra ‘View’ Option functionality

Your  extra ‘View’ option in your Tribute Settings (as well as download or email) will enable you to quickly view all the donations for any tribute in a nice summary format.

If you’d like further assistance with the new functionality in your Partner Area , including the Improved Donation Reporting, please get in touch by emailing us or calling the office on 01494 722818.